You will no doubt remember our little boy Frank from Reception class, who I wrote to you about recently.  I shared with you that we were going to be developing our outside spaces in memory of Frank and that we would do it all as a surprise for our children.  Frank absolutely olved being outside and so it seemed like a positive lasting way to remember him as part of our school community. 

I told your children on Friday that the excitement is about to start!  They don’t know what is coming, as I thought it would be lovely to see it develop and unfold and add to the excitement for them all. 

You may have begun to notice some current structures are being removed from the KS2 yard, these were assessed as being at the end of their lifespan.  The main new outdoor developments will be in the KS2 yard and on the field.  But there are also some smaller things for the KS1 yard to enjoy.  Whilst the main developments will be situated as stated, children across school will each have planned access to enjoy them.  Reception children and Frank’s family members in school will of course access and try everything first!

The main outside developments are planned in two phases, lasting 12 days – weather permitting.  This means that Y6 will have plenty of time to enjoy them before they leave.

Something special for our children to enjoy and look forward to and a positive way to remember Frank forever.

Have a lovely weekend.

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