How well do our children perform

National performance data for all schools is published annually.  We are delighted that data for our school shows that at King Edward Primary, our children make consistently strong progress.  Our children achieve a very high level of attainment at the end of each stage of their school life (EYFS, KS1 and KS2).


Please click here to visit the Department for Education website containing school specific information and assessment data.

Attainment and Progress

  • Our outcomes at Early Years Foundation Stage (end of Reception year) show our children have a great start to their learning!  Many of our children are now full time from age 3, spending time in the Nursery and also the KEEP (King Edward Extended Provision) which further supports their learning.  Children achieivng a Good Level of Development (GLD) is 10% higher than the National Average for 2022.
  • Our Year 1 phonics check outcomes have been consistantly outstanding in previous years.  Reading is the cornerstone of the rest of the curriculum, so we rightly prioritise this early key skill.  Click here to find out more about Early Reading.
  • Our children make very strong progress overall from the end of Early Years Foundation Stage to the end of Key Stage 1.  Children achieving the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths combined is higher than the National Average.
  • Our KS2 SATs results are consistently a strength.  This is despite the different starting points for each year group of our children, and significantly the very varying needs of our children from year group to year group.  The percentage of our children who reach the expected level is above National Average in every subject.


Children who are happy at school want to be in school which is reflected in our consistantly outstanding attendance rates!

  • Our whole school attendance rate for 2021-22 was 96.05%.
  • Attendance is higher than the average primary school in North Tyneside.
  • This all confirms our continued trend of strong outcomes for our children.

Our children work exceptionally hard and are well supported by our dedicated team of staff.  We aim to ensure that each child achieves or exceeds their starting point, whatever that may be, so that each and every one of our children achieve their potential by the end of their learning journey with us.

The level of a child's attainment at the end of Key Stage Two is important. However, of greater significance is the progress each individual child makes as they progress through our school.  See the below tables to see how well our children attain at the end of Year 6 and at other key times.  We are incredibly proud of the excellent rates of progress our children are making in school compared to the rate of progress children are expected to make nationally.

The below links take you to short videos explaining national curriculum testing.

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile 2022

King Edward Primary School North Tyneside AverageNational Average
Good Level of Development (GLD)75%62%65%
% at expected in Prime Areas80%73%74%

Phonics Screener 2022

King Edward Primary SchoolNorth Tyneside AverageNational Average
End of Year 1 (working at or above)72%76%76%
End of Year 2 (working at or above)95%87%91%

End of Year 1 Phonics Screener results were higher than the North Tyneside and National Average in 2018 and 2019.

Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessment 2022

SubjectAchievedKing Edward Primary SchoolNorth Tyneside AverageNational Average
Reading Expected76%68%67%
Science Expected95%81%77%
Reading, Writing, Maths combinedExpected61%55%53%
Reading Greater depth15%21%18%
WritingGreater depth12%10%8%
MathsGreater depth10%17%15%
Reading, Writing, Maths combinedGreater depth8%7%6%

Key Stage 2 SATs 2022

SubjectAchievedKing Edward Primary SchoolNorth Tyneside AverageNational Average
Reading, Writing, Maths combined Expected69%60%63%
Grammar, Puntuation and SpellingExpected86%73%73%
Reading Average sacled score106.5105.6104.8
MathsAverage sacled score105.6104.0103.8
Grammar, Puntuation and SpellingAverage sacled score107.2105.2105.1
ReadingHigh Score34%31%28%
WritingHigh Score5%17%13%
MathsHigh Score25%21%23%
Reading, Writing, MathsHigh Score5%8%7%
Grammar, Puntuation and SpellingHigh Score41%28%28%

Please note: Statutory assessments in the summer of 2020 and 2021 were cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic.