At King Edward Primary School, our aim is to provide a science curriculum that enables the children to explore the world around them.  A high-quality science education provides the foundations for understanding the world through biology, chemistry and physics. We believe that this is particularly pertinent in an ever changing world and that all pupils should be provided with engaging and memorable learning experiences.

Teachers from Nursery to Year 6 have worked together to create a shared vision of science teaching and learning at our school.  At our school we agreed that science teaching and learning is excellent when…......

  • Children are participating in engaging practical science enquiries and exploring the world around them.
  • Children use their inquisitiveness to find answers to questions.
  • Children have access to high quality scientific equipment.
  • Children are highly motivated and enjoy lessons.
  • Children are challenged and are able to find, record and explain their own learning using a wide range of scientific vocabulary
  • Children are able to relate their learning to science in the real world.
  • Children make good progress in science and can apply their knowledge in subsequent lessons and across the curriculum.
  • Staff subject knowledge is secure and this is used effectively to plan and teach science lessons.
  • Staff actively engage in science CPD.
  • Staff are able to confidently use assessment to provide appropriate scaffolding and challenge.  

As a part of our science curriculum, children enjoy our annual Science Week which culminates in a Science Fair for children and their families. We celebrate success in Science with a monthly Scientist of the Month award. Children in KS2 take part in the Greenpower Goblin Kit Car Project to develop their understanding of basic engineering.

We apply ‘Talk 4 Writing’ strategies in our science lessons to help to understand complex science processes such as the digestive system. 

In 2018, our current science leader was awarded ‘Science Teacher of the Year’ by the Primary Science Teaching Trust for ‘inspirational and engaging contribution to primary science’. Following this, she became a Fellow of the Primary Science Teaching College. In 2019,  our lead was successful in becoming a PSTT Cluster Coordinator and gained access to their financial support which has been used to purchase high quality science equipment, such as data loggers and digital microscopes. By leading five other schools within our local authority, this has cultivated a robust Science Network that supports the development of Science teaching and learning. 

Primary Science Quality Mark

Our school has achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) in 2021 for the second time!  PSQM is a school improvement programme for primary science, which provides professional development for around 600 new and experienced subject leaders each year. PSQM enables confident, knowledgeable, reflective leadership which results in an improvement in the way in which science is strategically planned and taught across the whole school.  For more information about PSQM, click here.

Subject Overviews

Skills and Knowledge

A detailed look at the skills children develop term by term, year by year.

Thematic Overview

A brief summary of the topics children explore each term.

Vocabulary Overview

The key vocabulary children will develop as they progress through each topic.

Early Years Curriculum

Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential.  That's why all of our subject learning starts in Early Years (EY)!

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