Our children love to learn new languages!  From Year 3 through to Year 6 all children follow a scheme of work which covers all twelve national curriculum aims at Key Stage 2. They have the opportunity to listen and respond to questions in French, engage in learning through rhyme, repetition, games and songs in another language, and gradually increase their skills in writing and responding to questions in French too.

Although only a statutory requirement from Key Stage 2, at KEPS we make sure that children have lots of opportunities to hear and learn foriegn languages at the earliest opportunities.

From Reception children are offered the chance to join an after-school, Lingotots club. There they learn French greetings and conversation, games and songs, all delivered by a qualified French tutor.

During the summer term at KEPS we hold an annual Languages week. All children from Nursery through to Year 6 spend a week learning about the culture, art, food, heritage and languages in their year group’s country. These include countries are as diverse as Spain and Brazil, Japan and Italy, and it is always an enjoyable week for the children.

Subject Overviews

Skills and Konwledge

A detailed look at the skills children develop term by term, year by year.

Thematic Overview

A brief summary of the topics children explore each term.

Vocabulary Overview

The key vocabulary children will develop as they progress through each topic.

Curriculum Coverage