Physical Education

Physical Education is a subject that we regard highly at King Edward Primary school. We ensure that our pupils are able to access high quality physical education and sport opportunities which prepare them well for their future health and well-being.  

Children are encouraged to achieve their personal best at all times and are challenged and encouraged to succeed and excel in physical education and school sport.

All children have the opportunity to attend a festival or competition to learn new skills, gain experience and compete in sport.

Children also compete in intra-house competitions within school to build respect, healthy competition, honesty, passion, team work and determination

We work closely with a range of coaches, as well as with John Spence High School and Adam Pilkington (a PE sports specialist teacher).  He supports our staff every half term. Children and and staff really benefit from his experience and fun, engaging PE lessons. Adam also hosts regular competitions at John Spence, which we attend with different year groups each half term.

Our success in competitions is fantastic! We have won the netball and hockey competitions and our football team are unbeaten in the Littleton League.

There will be further competitions at John Spence in multi skills, badminton, dodgeball, tennis, athletics, rounders, girls` football and a fun run.

Our focus this academic year is to develop active playtimes and our children are really enjoying using the new trim trail and the playtime equipment, which was in memory of a special little boy called Frank.

Our PE Leaders from Y4-6 attend a playtime skipping course and sharw their skills at playtimes.

Post COVID we have been able to reinstate our extra-curricular club provision.  Harry Hoggins (HH Sports Coaching) provides multi sports and football clubs.  Children in Reception to Year 6 get the chance to take part in these clubs at different points within the year. 

We ensure our children have a varied, inclusive and exciting PE curriculum. The PE curriculum outline explains the different areas of PE that are taught.

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