Caterlink After Easter 2022

Dear parents / carers


Please read the below information about the school meals provision after the Easter holidays.



When we return after the Easter holidays we are pleased to announce that Caterlink will be providing their full menu!  This is a three week menu which will begin on ‘week 1’ at the start of each term / half term. To see the menu, click here. 


If your child requires a specially adapted diet due to an allergen or intolerance, and you completed the online form, Caterlink will be in touch with you in the coming days to share your child’s menu.


Payment reminder

Can we remind all parents not in receipt of either Universal or Benefits Related Free School Meals that payment must be made in advance for all meals using Caterlink’s Online Payment System.  If you ordered a packed lunch from 1st-8th April, please ensure these meals are paid for on the system before school resumes after the Easter break.  If you do not have credit on your account from 25th April, you will be asked to provide a packed lunch for your child.     


For further details of the payment system, click this link.  


Nursery / KEEP lunches

Using the new payment system, you will no longer book lunches for specified days.  Instead, please ensure credit is added to your child’s account to cover any lunches they will need to take in school.  If your child is due to be in school all day as part of their weekly routine, and a packed lunch has not been provided, staff will automatically order your child a lunch for that day.  


Please note: if your child is being collected early on a day they would usually stay in school it is your responsibility to notify staff.  Otherwise staff will book a lunch and you will be charged.


We look forward to children experiencing the new lunch offer!


Thank you 


Miss Parnaby

Business Manager

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