Year 6 Parents/Carers – RSE Curriculum Information

Dear Parent / Carer,


As part of the Year 6 RSE curriculum, the children learn about different relationships, puberty and human reproduction. To support this curriculum objective, we will watch the Primary Teach KS2 video ‘Operation Ouch! How babies are made’ in our lesson.


A link to the video can be found here should you wish to watch it. We ask that you do not share it with your child, as they will watch it in their RSE lesson on Thursday 30th June.


RSE is a statutory subject and although parents can withdraw their child from the sex education element, we want to assure parents that our curriculum is taught in an age-appropriate manner and provides pupils with the time to ask questions in a safe environment and ultimately receive factual information, rather than hearing content second hand or via online platforms. In the 21st century pupils are exposed to so many of the incorrect messages about their bodies, relationships and expectations. The prevalence of sexual images in social and other media make it important that all young people have a place to discuss pressures, check facts, dispel myths and ultimately feel safe.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the year 6 team.


Kind regards,


Miss Forbes and Mrs Laidler

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