Y6 last few days

So two more sleeps before our amazing Year 6 children leave us for their next adventures!  We very much hope that they are having a lovely last week and are all enjoing the different things that are happening this week.


Pizzas tomorrow

As the children are due to have pizzas and ice cream tomorrow, the children DO NOT NEED a school lunch or a packed lunch.  However, we would suggest that all children bring in a small snack to have at the start of their lunchtime, as their pizza and ice cream will be from 1.30pm onwards.


Leavers assembly

Their assembly filiming is complete-despite the unplanned isolation!!! Staff are working hard on the editing and the assembly will be shared with families on Friday.  We really hope you enjoy it and we are all looking forward to watching it for the first time with our Y6 children on their final morning.


Last day – pick up

Thank you for respecting the COVID measure of staying out of the school grounds, in order to reduce adults and families gathering.  We appreciate your support with this since September.  However on their last day, we would very much welcome you to come into the KS1 yard to meet and collect your child for the last time.  Almost all Y6 children go home for the afternoon.  With this in mind, we would encourage you to come into the KS1 yard to meet them and say goodbye.  But please can we remind you to observe social distancing.  We know that we have all seen a lack of that in football and other recent events, but we still have to ask families to socially distance as we have to follow DfE guidance.  Many, many thanks.


Could we ask that you do not come into the school yard until 12.30pm.  This will allow families of other year groups to leave, as at the current time we still need to have reduced numbers of people gathering in our yards.


You will be welcome to stay, chat and mingle (socially distanced) for around 15 minutes at pick up time.  We will then need to ask you to say goodbye for the last time, as children who stay for the afternoon will be coming out to play in both yards, so we will need to secure the site and lock the gates after around 15 minutes.


It will be lovely to see you all and to say goodbye, especially to those of you who are moving on from our school for the last time.  It is meant to be a beautiful day, so it will be lovely to have to chance to say goodbye to you all.


Best wishes

Miss Byrne

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