Staff leaving

Margaret Noutch – lunchtime superviser and OOSC member of staff

I am writing to let you know that after many, many, many years Margaret Noutch is leaving us and is retiring.  Margaret has been a wonderful member of both our lunchtime staff team and also, in more recent years, of our OOSC team. Margaret will be hugely missed and has given many years of service to us and our school.  In the last few years she has had the pleasure of spending time with some children, whose parents used to go to our school many years ago! We wish her a fabulous retirement full of health, happiness and wonderful moments of being Grandma!  Whilst we are sad to see Margaret retire, it is much deserved.  Best wishes Margaret from us all!


Mrs Mason

Our fabulous Year 2 teacher Mrs Mason is leaving us for pastures new-Sunderland to be precise!  Mrs Mason has been here since she was a teaching student and we were lucky enough to have a job for her not long after she qualified as a class teacher.  Mrs Mason has taught Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 in her time with us and we will very much miss her when she has gone.  But we are excited for her, as she has a new opportunity and new responsibilities in September.  Good luck Mrs Mason, we’ll miss you!


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