Well-being for Children and Families on Return to School

Dear Parents / Carers,

As we prepare to welcome your child back on Monday 8th March, we understand that this is once again another change for you and your child. The past year has been very different from any other time we’ve known. For everyone, there has been a lot of change and we are now having to think about getting back to school.  We know that for your child this might feel exciting or maybe even a little bit scary and overwhelming. We are hoping that most of our children are feeling excited to see their friends and ready to learn in their school environment once again.  We understand that this may not be the case for every child and we want to acknowledge these feelings and reassure them that all feelings are ok.
We have a leaflet for you to share with your child regarding their return to school. There is one for Early Years and Key Stage One children as well as a separate one for Key Stage Two children. We hope this will encourage your child to talk to you about their feelings regarding their return. However your child is feeling about coming back to school we hope this leaflet will reassure them about their routine, relationships, feelings and managing change when back in school.  We want your child to move back into school life feeling confident and calm.
We also understand that as a parent, you may have some worries or anxieties of your own regarding your child coming back into school. There is a leaflet for you too, we hope this will help you to prepare yourself and your child for their return on Monday.
If you have any worries or concerns about your child returning to school, please contact your child’s teacher through the appropriate year group email.
We can’t wait to welcome your child back to school on Monday.
Miss Reynolds
RSHE and Wellbeing Leader
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