Dear Parents and Carers,

Important change to parking at the rugby club
Our parents and carers are kindly allowed to park at the Rugby Club when dropping and collecting children.
However, there has been a change at the rugby club.  The rugby club is now leasing out some of its premises and the car park to a company called First Rate Maintenance.  They need to be able to park up to 15 vans/vehicles in the space immediately on entry to the car park, which is what they are paying for.
They are happy that parents/carers still use the car park at the current time, but parents/carers MUST park on the left hand side at the bottom end of the car park, leaving the front of the car park available for their vehicles.
It is really important that all parents/carers stick to this to keep our children safe.  There is a real risk of a child being knocked over if parents/carers park in between the work vehicles.  Families must park down at the other end and then carefully supervise any children then walking past the vehicles.
Zig zags outside of the Nursery/OOSC
Please can parents not park on the yellow zig zags outside of the school Nursery/OOSC.  Dangerous and illegal parking on the zig zags is a risk to all of our children.
Please can we all help to care and look after our children by parking safely.  It would be devastating to us all if there was an accident and any of our children were hurt.
Miss Byrne
Head teacher
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