School meals

Dear parents and carers,


I am writing to you about school meals, as a result of some ongoing issues which we are experiencing.  A number of you have also contacted us to ask questions or to raise concerns, so I felt it was helpful to write to you all.


As a school we currently have no control at all over our school meals.  We have an agreement with the LA, who provide school meals here for our children.  We do not line manage the staff and have no control over the quality, quantity, consistency or menu being offered.


At the moment we have significant concerns about all of the points above, including recent changes to the published menu with no discussion or warning.  This means that we are unable to pass on any menu changes to families.  We know this is important to many of you and your children as we know that many of our children choose to eat a school lunch on some days and not others, based entirely on the menu for the day.


We are in constant and currently unproductive discussion with the LA and our school caterers.  The reason that it is unproductive is that we are failing to see any positive or sustained improvements.  Meanwhile we are very aware that for some children it is the only hot meal they will get each day and also the cost of the meals are not cheap.  


It would be hugely useful to myself and to Governors if you would take a few minutes to complete a short survey by CLICKING THIS LINK.  By all means complete it once as a family, or several times if you have more than one child in school.  


I am passionate that it is very important for our children to eat well at lunchtime.  Whilst I currently have no direct control over our school meals and am passing on ongoing concerns, I will consider all options moving forward to ensure that our children have a consistently positive lunchtime experience in school.  


Thank you

Miss Byrne


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