Plans for September 2021

Dear parents and carers,


With just the rest of this half term left before the end of the school year we are obviously working hard thinking about and preparing for September.


A challenge to this preparation is that we do not yet know what revised guidance for schools may say after potential national changes on June 21st.  Neither do we know how COVID will play out between now and September.  However, we are thinking and planning with hope and optimism!  This is what we know so far for September, which we thought you may find it useful to know.  


The school day

We will continue having a staggered start, though this will be slightly reduced to ten minutes (8.50am-9.00am).  This has been beneficial for many reasons, especially for families with several children.  It has created a less stressful start to the day for children and families and has also added some additional learning time.  It has also enabled parents and carers to talk to members of the Senior Leadership Team in the yards every day.  


However, Year 6 children will have a fixed start time of 8.50am.  It has worked well for our oldest children moving on to High School, as it ensures they are in a habit of having a fixed start time, which they will at High School.


We will no longer have staggered finish times at the end of the school day for individual year groups, unless COVID dictates that they need to return.  Instead, we will revert back to our pre COVID finish times.

3.15pm for Reception to Year 2 children 

3.20pm for Year 3 to Year 6 children 


Friday afternoon early finish and remote learning will stop at the end of this term, as it was introduced as a response to managing the many ongoing challenges of COVID across school.  From September our children will finish on a Friday at the times above.      


We want to encourage year 5 and year 6 parents to remain off site at drop off and pick up from September.  This has had huge benefits for supporting our older children to become more independent and high school ready.  



On PE days our children should continue coming into school in their school PE kit.  But they must have our school PE kit.


All children must be in full school uniform, as there should be no issues about non essential shops not being open.   Please CLICK HERE for a reminder of the uniform before you start shopping for the new school term!  A polite reminder please that leggings are NOT part of our school uniform and are not acceptable school trousers.  Navy jumpers and cardigans are also not part of our uniform.  Thank you for your support for the new school year.


Classes and staffing for September

As you will all know, our children have had very differing social, emotional and learning experiences over the last 18 months.   We are currently giving great thought to how best to organise our classes and staffing across school for the new term.  Once we have made decisions we will let you know.  It is likely to be July before final decisions are made.  There is a lot to consider and we also await any DfE guidance after the 21st June about any expectations for September for schools.  


Final note

We are well aware of the disruption COVID has caused for children nationally.  Swimming lessons have been affected, residential trips, after school clubs etc.  It will simply be impossible for any school to deliver all previously planned or hoped for activities if children have missed them.  This is because places like High Borrans have a fixed capacity when it reopens.  


We will do what we can to continue to get back to as normal a school life as possible, within any constraints we have to work within.  It is unlikely that we will be able to plan for such wider activities until after the summer holidays, as we are unlikely to have the information and guidance to be able to do so.


I hope that you all managed to have a restful and relaxing half term enjoying the lovely weather. We are looking ahead to next year optimism and hope that COVID and its many challenges may be largely behind us and that life can move on for us all.


Miss Byrne 


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