Dear parent / carer

We are pleased to be able to offer school meals for CWC and KEEP children from Monday 11th January.

Lunches will be free for Universal (Reception to Year 2) and benefits related FSM children in school.  Children in the KEEP and Years 3-6 will pay for lunches as usual.

The school meals offer will be a hot lunch only.   The menu for next week will be different to the planned menu due to stock/ordering delays this week.  Lunch on Monday will be fish fingers (meat) or veggie fingers (vegetarian) and chips with a shortbread cookie for pudding.  On Tuesday, children will have mince pie (meat) or veggie burger (vegetarian) with wedges and vegetables and a flapjack for pudding.  We will update you with the menu for the remainder of the week in due course.  We hope to return to the LA Catering Services planned menu from the following week.

If you would not like a school lunch, please send your child to school with a packed lunch.

Thank you

Kate Byrne


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