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We’re delighted that so many of the children are now set up on Google Classroom. If you haven’t already done so or are having issues with accessing your child’s account, please contact staff as soon as possible by emailing 


From Monday, our daily remote learning will be set in Google Classroom. We appreciate that every family has different pressures, challenges and opportunities for supporting remote learning and we’re also very aware that supporting remote learning for the youngest children in school requires more input and support from family members than it may do for older children. Despite the varying challenges for all families, remote learning is compulsory and will play a huge part in making sure that the children in Reception are best placed to restart face to face learning with confidence in school in the not too distant future. If you are having any issues completing and submitting remote learning, please contact us on the above email at the earliest possible opportunity and a member of staff will reply or call you. Staff will be looking at, and responding to, all of the work that is submitted and if work isn’t being completed, we’ll be in touch to see if there is anything that we can help or support you with.


In school, learning in Reception is structured and planned for in a two week cycle and we’ll structure remote learning in the same way to keep this as normal as possible for the children. There are tasks that form part of the daily routine in school that are included in the packs that you have collected from school such name writing, letter formation and number formation. These are to be completed daily at home and won’t form part of the work that’s assigned on Google Classroom. In school, children write their name as they come in in the morning and practise their letters and numbers as they come in after playtimes and lunchtimes. We’ve found that this is a calming task that gets them ready to learn and is vital in securing their basic skills. On Google Classroom, we’ll set a Literacy task one day and a Maths task the next day. In addition to this, there will be daily Phonics, Reading and Topic tasks. Literacy tasks will be completed in the exercise book that is within the pack. We’ve given you an exercise book as it is vital in Reception that children have the regular opportunity to write on paper with a pencil. Maths work will be done in a very practical way and the tens frames that are included in the pack will be used consistently to help children apply and understand their learning and concepts during the time that they are away from school.  


We’ve shared the tasks that we’d like the children to complete daily in a list below. We appreciate that it feels like a lot when seen in a list of tasks but things such as name writing and number formation can be completed quickly and independently. Google Classroom tasks will be accompanied by presentations, many of which will be narrated by staff. These will have accompanying tasks that can be completed in the exercise book within your pack, by working practically with a photo / video that you can upload, or by spending time together to work though packs and reading books as all the children have been doing brilliantly throughout the year. Staff will respond to work submitted with comments to share with the children and will answer any questions that you may have. 


Daily Tasks:

  • Name writing.
  • Number formation. Choose a number to focus on for that day. 
  • Letter formation. Aim to complete all of the letters by the end of a week, doing some daily.
  • Read a book. Access the class book and read it every day to build up fluency and comprehension or choose a book in your house. The class book will be accessed on with login details that will be shared or via an upload on Google Classroom. We’d love to see regular videos of the children reading to see how they are getting on. Feel free to explore the Oxford Owl library and read as many as you’d like.
  • Phonics task, shared on Google Classroom.
  • Literacy or Maths task, shared on Google Classroom.
  • Afternoon task, shared on Google Classroom.


We’ve suggested these tasks are completed on a daily basis to keep the children in as close to a school routine as possible but as we’ve said, we’re fully aware of the spectrum of challenges that all families face. Please refer to the suggested daily timetable for a way to structure the day but we understand that this won’t be possible for many parents as you juggle your own daily timetables and those of the children. 



Morning Afternoon
Name Writing Letter or Number formation 
Literacy or Maths Task  Afternoon Task
Playtime  Word / Number packs
Letter or Number formation Share a book or watch one of the staff read a story 
Phonics Task 
Read a book



As we have said, we really understand the pressures of remote learning while you are working yourselves and all the other things that need to be done in a day. There are no time limits on the tasks so please do what you can and submit it when you can and staff will be there to respond to it. 


We’re looking forward to seeing what you’re getting up to at home and if you need any support or want to discuss remote learning, please contact us on or call the school office.  


Thank you for all of your support, 


The Reception Team 


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