School Crossing Patrol Oct 21

Dear parents / carers


We would like to update you on the School Crossing Patrol that operates on the corner of Linskill and Washington Terrace.  


Over the previous 12 months, School Crossing Patrol have frequently not been present due to significant and ongoing staffing absence.  We do not employ School Crossing Patrol staff and have no control over when and if staff will be available.  We also cannot guarantee that we will be informed of an absence in time to pass this information on to parents before children are en route to school.  Therefore moving forwards, we will not notify you of any absence.  


It is absolutely our priority to help ensure children are safe on their journey to and from school, especially if walking unaccompanied by an adult.  Can we therefore recommend that families plan a route that does not rely on the presence of School Crossing Patrol.  There is a traffic light and pedestrian crossing on Linskill Terrace; this is just a few metres along from where the crossing patrol is on the days they are there.  To support our children to have skills and confidence to become independent in KS2, we will also be working with the Road Safety team in school in the new year.  By taking these measures both in and out of school, we hope that together, children will have the knowledge to cross the road safely in the absence of School Crossing Patrol.


Thank you 

Miss Parnaby

Business Manager

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