Hello everybody, 

We hope that you are enjoying the challenges that we have set and that the children are really impressing you with their hard work. Whilst we can set a lot of what we’d like the children to do through Tapestry, we can’t update and change reading books. However, Oxford Owl have provided access to class logins so that you can access the same books that we have in school via a laptop or a tablet. This is an amazing resource that will allow the children to read the range of books that they need to to continue the brilliant progress that they have made in reading this year.  

Regular reading is the most valuable thing that the children can be doing and is the one thing that we’d ask you to do, over and above the other challenges that we are setting. The books available on the Oxford Owl website are from the same ranges that we use in school so children will be familiar with the characters, themes and layout. In addition to the reading and audio, there are questions and activities for children to complete once they’ve read the book. We recommend that you read at least one of these daily and we’d love it if you could share photos or videos of the children’s reading. 


Your login details are below: 

Mr Denton’s class

Username: rden

Password: readabc

Mrs Armstrong’s class

Username: rarm

Password: readabc   


Step 1: Go to www.oxfordowl.co.uk

Step 2: Click on ‘My class login’ in the pink box at the top of the page 

Step 3: Enter the login details above

Step 4: Click on ‘My Bookshelf’

Step 5: Choose the appropriate age range and any series or theme that you like 

Step 6: Read!!! 


We’d like you to read these in the exact same way that you read at home normally. We can’t currently set specific books for children so if you feel that a book is too easy, find one which seems more well matched. The right book shouldn’t be too easy for them but also shouldn’t be too tricky so that they can’t enjoy or understand what is happening without support.

Enjoy reading and if you have any questions about supporting reading at home, please contact us through the Reception email address. 

Thank you, 

The Reception team 

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