Good afternoon, 

We hope that you’ve had a nice day. As you know, we have been finalising ways of sharing learning with children and certain ways are more suitable for different age groups. 

We are incredibly lucky that within EYFS we have an established way of sharing learning between home and school through Tapestry. This has been a key part of EYFS for a number of years now and is used incredibly well by families. It has a huge impact on children’s learning and plays a vital role in helping us make assessments and provide next steps over a child’s time in EYFS. 

While Year 1 and upwards are introducing new ways of sharing work with children and families over the time that we aren’t continuing with face to face learning, we would like to continue to use Tapestry where possible in EYFS. 

Nursery and children who access the KEEP will have all their challenges shared through Tapestry. Reception will do the same but there will also be a range of resources made available through Google Classroom that can be printed or used on a screen as inspiration for work that children can complete using practical resources. Tasks that are shared on Google Classroom will also be shared on Tapestry.   

While older children can access work electronically and use keyboards, editing tools etc. independently to complete their work, it is vital that children working within EYFS continue to have the physical experience of using pens, pencils, paper, and manipulative objects in their learning on a daily basis as they become independent writers. For this reason, and to ensure that we’re continuing to embed handwriting skills, we’d like all writing tasks to be completed using mark making tools and shared with us through photos and/or video. Likewise, the mathematical concepts and skills that children are learning are much better taught and experienced through the exploration and manipulation of physical resources and the tasks that are set will reflect this. 

Staff will be setting regular tasks and challenges linked to all areas of learning throughout the week. We understand that the current circumstances will be putting families under significant stress and pressure. We would just ask that you could complete as many of these challenges as possible with your children and share everything that you do in the brilliant way that you do already. Above all else, please continue to read daily with your children and share their reading with us on Tapestry. This could be through videos of them talking about a book in Nursery and if your child is in Reception, we’d love to see regular videos of them reading their book. You can assure them we’ll be watching on very impressed!   

As mentioned in previous messages, we will be available through class email addresses and Tapestry throughout the specified times should you have any questions. 

Thank you for working with us during this difficult time and we look forward to seeing everything that you’ve been up to via Tapestry. 

The EYFS Team 

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