Parents evening appointments are now available to book online with your child’s class teacher.  If your child attends the Nursery and you would like to book a parents evening appointment, please click on the link below:

Nursery / KEEP Parents Evening Online Booking Form

If your child attends both the Nursery and the KEEP, please only book 1 appointment.  Parents Evening appointments will be a 10 minute joint telephone call from both Miss Owen and Mrs Henderson so no need to book a separate appointment.   Please be available approximately 15 minutes before your appointment time ready for your telephone call, calls will come through as an unknown number.  Due to the high volume of appointments if you miss your call we will not be able to call you at a later time.

You will have to provide an email address on this form which enables us to email your parents evening appointment back to you as a reminder of the date/time.  Please note that only available times will show on the form.

Please only book one appointment per child.  If you book an appointment and can no longer attend, please call the school office on 0191 8141455 who will assist you in changing your appointment.

Nursery children who started in January 2021 will be offered a parents evening telephone consultation later on in the year.

Thank you


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