National Tutoring Programme

Dear parents / carers


Several months ago, the Government announced that schools would be able to provide some additional support to identified children, as a result of the impact of COVID.  Children identified by individual schools would have the opportunity to access some ‘catch up’ support for ‘lost learning’, caused by the COVID pandemic, by getting some time with a tutor.  Known as the National Tutoring Programme (NTP), it recently got underway nationally. This has just started in our school and will be ‘rolled out’ over the school year to identified children in different year groups. If you would like to know more about the NTP, please read on below.


What is the National Tutoring Programme?


The NTP, is a government-funded programme designed to support teachers and pupils, both primary and secondary, as their teaching and learning has been heavily disrupted by the pandemic. 


Who benefits from it?


The NTP is primarily focused on disadvantaged students, but it is ultimately up to schools to determine how to allocate resources. State-maintained primary and secondary schools in England will be able to access subsidised tutoring. Tuition is available for pupils identified by a school who are aged between 5 and 16-year olds. 


Can you request that your child takes part?


No, it is up to schools to decide who would benefit most from tutoring.


What subjects are being taught?


The NTP covers English, maths and science in primary schools.


Who delivers the tuition?


Schools can deliver tuition through a range of different methods.  Our school has appointed a qualified teacher initially to deliver the tuition face to face in school.


How is it being delivered?


In our school, tuition is being delivered during the school day.  Children will work in small groups with a qualified teacher or a familiar member of our own staff.  The tuition teacher will work closely with existing school staff to ensure tuition is bespoke and appropriate for all children taking part.  The member of staff is called Mrs Hunsley.   


How will success be measured?


We will use our regular data and monitoring systems to assess progress. Using existing systems is simpler and ensures that data is easily accessible. 


How long will the programme last?


The programme is starting nationally in November and will run for a minimum of one academic year. Currently, it is scheduled to finish in July 2021 but it is likely the NTP will run for a second year.  We are implementing the NTP initially in Years 4-6.  We will review our initial approach to the NTP throughout this half term and will then roll it out further in other year groups.


Thank you 

Miss Byrne


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