National Teacher Strike 01/02/23

Dear parents / carers


As you may know, there is National Teachers Strike action planned for Wednesday 1st February 2023.  We have been working hard to manage the strike in a way that minimises the disruption to our families.  This has caused an unavoidable delay in being able to update you with our plans.  


We now envisage that we will be able to open to all children on Wednesday 1st February.  We could not inform parents and carers any earlier about the arrangements as we have only today been able to secure the necessary cover for teachers who are exercising their right to strike.  Without this cover, we would have had no choice but to close to some year groups.  These arrangements are still subject to change as staff can take the decision to strike at any time between now and 1st February.  We will inform you with as much notice as possible should we need to restrict attendance.  


Please note, it may be that we are not able to manage any future strike dates in the same way, as there are a number of factors involved in planning for strike action.  Securing enough supply staff for those striking is essential, but also out of our control.


We appreciate patience and compassion from parents and carers while we all navigate our way through this situation.



Miss Byrne


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