Dear parent / carer


Following the information sent to parents last week, I would like to share with you further details of arrangements for Friday afternoons.  


As you know, school will close to all children on a Friday afternoon, with the timetabled teaching week ending at lunchtime.  The changes to our school day means we have been able to reorganise our timetabled week, enabling this change.  


We have already shared with you the numerous reasons for this change, which governors are fully supportive of. 


Children will be sent home with remote learning to be completed off site, as it is an important part of our strategy in response to COVID.   


Please note: this does not apply to Nursery children who will remain in Nursery/the KEEP for their full afternoon session.  


Finish times

There will be a staggered finish time for all other year groups as follows:


Reception – 12.25pm

Year 1 – 12.30pm

Year 2 – 12.25pm

Year 3 – 12.35pm

Year 4 – 12.35pm

Year 5 – 12.30pm

Year 6 – 12.40pm


Please follow the new protocols for end of day arrangements as detailed in the previous post. 

Lunch provision

The school meals service lunch on a Friday will be in the form of a ‘grab bag’ packed lunch provided by Catering Services.  This is always a hugely popular lunch with our children.  


Due to both the new staggered lunch break and their entitlement to Universal Free School Meals, children in Reception to Year 2 will have their lunch on site before their finish time.  


Children in Year 3 to Year 6 will not have their lunch on site.  You will have the option to purchase a school lunch ‘grab bag’ which children can take home with them.  A take home ‘grab bag’ will be provided for children eligible for Free School Meals.  To let us know if you would like to purchase a grab bag, please complete the Google Form below.  


On site childcare

If you are unable to arrange for your child to be off site on a Friday afternoon, we will be offering an on site childcare provision.  At present the childcare is free of charge, but governors would like to make it clear that this should only be accessed if you have no other option.  Other schools who have rearranged their timetabled school day in a similar way are not providing any childcare option.   


We now need a decision as to whether you will be accessing the Friday afternoon childcare.  While we will offer some flexibility, we need to know what your usual arrangements will be.  If you then need to make changes to these arrangements, you should call the school office.


Please can all parents of children in Reception to Year 6 complete this form regarding Friday afternoon arrangements.  Please complete the form by Friday 24th July. 


The new timetabled school week begins from the forest week of term.  


Yours sincerely


Kate Byrne


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