Dear parents and carers,

We would like to share with you our plans for accessing both learning and family support for you and your child, while we are not able to provide face-to-face learning.  Our message to you and your children is absolutely that learning continues and that it’s an exciting new adventure for us all.  The situation we are in is one which none of us have been in before.  So bear with us while we make this work as well as we can. Plans for our learning system will follow in a separate information letter.  This is likely to be tomorrow. This is because we are creating something comprehensive.  

Key contacts

If you need to talk to us about any worries, concerns or any queries, then please contact us on the following numbers or email addresses:

Kate Byrne -  07934 727 201 -

Berni Miller - 07934 727 196 -

Myself and Berni Miller will be available to talk to if you or your child are finding being physically away from school difficult.  We hope that although it will be different, that the things we are putting in place will be interesting and exciting.  

Berni Miller will also be available to try and support you if your child is struggling with a change in routine and if you need any help or advice with behaviour support.  We recognise that for some children and families this might be challenging.

We will be available Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm.  You can either call or text.  If we are unable to answer then we will contact you as soon as we are able.

Contacting other staff about learning

We are going to provide you with contact details for year group teams for learning, not individual contact details.  These are listed below. 

We have decided to organise contact arrangements and learning organisation in this way, in order to future proof our plans in case of staff illness. This means that if a member of staff becomes unwell or has to care for a member of their family, then we should still be able to maintain contact with you and organise learning for each year group.  We hope this makes some sense to you all.  

You will therefore be able to contact school staff via an email.  In most cases email contact will work well. If appropriate however, a member of staff may give you a quick call.

Year group email contacts

If you wish to contact a member of staff in your child’s year group, then please use the following email addresses:

Staff will begin accessing them from tomorrow morning at 9am. If you have any questions about accessing learning, please do not email staff until after you receive our initial letter telling you about our plans, as mentioned above.

We would ask that in order to protect staff well-being at this challenging time, that you contact staff only during the hours of 9-4pm.   

Kate Byrne


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