Year 4 Weardale Residential Trip – Further Details

Dear parents / carers


As we approach the Weardale trip in March, we would like to share some further information with you about the trip.


Weardale consent form

Your child will bring home a consent form with them tonight entitled ‘Weardale Adventure Centre Personal Information & Consent Form.  This form needs to be completed and returned to school no later than Friday 23rd February.  This is a paper form rather than our usual electronic format as requested by Weardale Activity Centre.



If your child already has medication in school, we will take this with us on the trip.  If your child requires any additional medication on the trip you should provide this to school no later than Friday 22nd March.  Please come to the school office with the medication and complete a permission form allowing us to administer the medication.  All medication must be in its original container / box.  This includes any travel sickness medication.  For further information, see our Managing Medication Policy.

Can we remind parents that all medication your child may need MUST be given to school and a form completed allowing us to administer the medication.  Without this paperwork we would be unable to administer any medication under current legislation.


Kit list

Children will be required to bring a packed bag containing everything they need for their Weardale adventure!  To see the recommended kit list, please click here.  Children should not bring their phone or any other electronics as the focus of this visit is outdoor activity and team building.


Travel information 

Children will need to arrive in school at 8:20am on Monday 25th March for prompt departure at 9:00am.  Please bring your child to the community room entrance with their belongings. Children will register with their class at the normal time.

Children will be given a jacket potato with a selection of fillings for lunch at the Weardale Centre on arrival day, therefore no packed lunch or snacks are necessary.


We estimate that children will arrive back in school by approximately 2:30pm on Wednesday 27th March.  Please collect your child from the KS1 yard from their normal door at the normal time.  We will text you on the day if we are to be delayed.


Payment reminder

Thank you to those parents who have been making payments as requested.  The full cost of this trip is £215 per child and must be paid by the final deadline.  Payment should be made using School Gateway ‘Payments’ according to the following payment schedule:

Name of payment Amount Deadline
Y4 Weardale Deposit 2024 £35 15th October 2023
Y4 Weardale First Instalment 2024 £45 15th November 2023
Y4 Weardale Second Instalment 2024 £45 15th January 2024
Y4 Weardale Third Instalment 2024 £45 15th February 2024
Y4 Weardale Final Instalment 2024 £45 15th March 2024


Bedroom allocation

Staff in school will be speaking to children about bedroom arrangements for the trip.  Rooms come in different capacities.  Children will be asked which children they would like to share with and we will do our utmost to accommodate their choices to ensure every child has at least one friend in their room.


If you have any further questions about the visit, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Thank you

Mrs Henderson

Visit Leader

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