Hello everyone!


As I’m sure you know, the last few weeks have been very challenging.  Then this last week has been full of new and difficult challenges.  They just keep coming!  


Having now pulled a draft plan together as the Government has asked me to do, on to the excitement of Year 6 leavers!  Firstly, as we all know, the draft plan I’ve shared could well change.  None of us know what is ahead of us.  But I am optimistic and feeling positive that the weeks ahead will be good.  My best hope for us and our children, is that children can begin to return to schools as is hoped.  Whilst I’ve outlined baby steps for our school, my next best hope is that it goes so well, that I might be able to bring Year 6 children in for longer than the initial 2 hours I can offer.  Or even that the guidance might change and that their Y6 teachers might be able to physically join them.  But it would have been unfair to suggest that in an initial plan, with so much uncertainty for everyone.  I can only work with what I know now.


Our Year 6 children mean the world to us.  We’ve known almost all of them since they were tiny.  My own son Thomas is also in Year 6.  So we are in exactly the same situation as you all are at home.  So whilst we all wish we weren’t in this situation, we are determined to make the absolute best of it between now and July.  Whether that be for children who come into school, or for those who decide to stay at home.  So this is where we need your help……


Firstly, can you let us know by Monday 5pm, if your child will be coming in.  It means we will be able to plan on many fronts.


Secondly, we are FULL TO BURSTING with ideas for leaver celebrations/keepsakes/memory making.  But in order to plan, we need to know who will be physically in and who won’t.  As then we can work out the best way to include absolutely everyone.


Next, we are going to invite the Captains and the House Captains to a video meeting with myself and the Year 6 staff.  We would like to share some of our ideas and also listen to theirs.  Once we’ve done that, we will finalise plans and share them.  Or most of them!  We have a few sneaky ones which we might keep as surprises!!! 


Our fabulous FOKE also gave us money towards leavers events, as they usually do.  So we will also be considering options for that.  Who knows…..by the time we hit July, it might even be possible to get everyone together for some of those usual events!  But we need to plan for all possibilities. Our Year 6 children deserve us to make the end of their journey with us as special as we can make it.  I can confirm that our King Eddie Awards are definitely on, as well as a leavers song!  So just watch this space!  We’ve been insanely busy as you know…..but we’re on it!


Love to you all.  Please share this with your children for me.  I miss them all!

Stay safe.


Kate Byrne   

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