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Nursery in North Shields

Our Nursery is based in North Shields and is part of King Edward Primary School.  We have a highly skilled and experienced Early Years staff team and our Nursery is Teacher led.

All three and four year olds are eligible for 15 hours per week free early education at Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  This is an entitlement for all children and we provide this through our Nursery.

We also offer an additional 15 hours per week (30 hours in total) for families who are eligible.  The new entitlement is an extension of the current provision and is accessed through our King Edward Extended Provision (KEEP). In order to access the provision, families must ensure they are eligible and MUST provide an eligibility code every three months in order to remain in the KEEP.  The eligibility criteria are set nationally and are out of our control.

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How to Book KEEP Lunches

Dear parent /carer If your child is going to be in the KEEP, you may choose for them to have a school lunch.  At the moment, all lunches in school are in the style of a packed lunch ‘grab bag’ comprising a sandwich and snacks.  The cost of lunch is £2.25 a day. You should…

New Nursery Uniform and Welcome Pack

Dear parent / carer Due to the current Covid 19 situation, we are sadly unable to have our usual Nursery visit days at this time.  However, we are working on plans to provide some induction and transition for your child starting in September.  We will share this information with you as soon as we can.  …

Early Years Information – What to expect, when?

In preparation for your child starting Reception class in September, we thought you might find this useful and interesting: Early Years Information – What to expect, when? Source: www.kingedwardprimary.org.uk

To be eligible for the additional 15 hours:

  • BOTH parents must be working (or the sole parent is working in a lone parent family);
  • EACH parent works at least 16 hours a week and neither parent has an income of more than £100,000 per year

In the following circumstances, parents who are temporarily away from the workplace will be eligible:

  • Both parents are employed but one or both parents is temporarily away from the workplace on parental, maternity or paternity leave or away from the work place on adoption leave
  • Both parents are employed but one or both parents is temporarily away from the work place on statutory sick pay
  • Parents with a caring responsibility or disability may also be eligible

Session Times

Our Nursery provides places for up to 39 children at each session; morning and afternoon:

Morning 8.45am - 11.45am

Afternoon 12.30pm -3.30pm

Our KEEP provides 26 places for children at each session; morning and afternoon.  We have a 15 minute flexible drop off and pick up time:

Morning 9.00-9.15am drop off time

Afternoon 3.00-3.15pm pick up time

If your child is in morning Nursery, they will attend the KEEP in the afternoon.  If they attend afternoon Nursery, they will start their day in the KEEP.


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