Update on Edenred FSM E-code vouchers

I thought it would be useful to you to give you the very latest update on your outstanding E-codes.  We very much appreciate that these are much needed by you and your children.  I can assure you that Mrs Hoggins and I have worked tirelessly since they were first announced, to access the Edenred system and to order the E-codes for you.  We are beyond frustrated and exhausted by our efforts on your behalf. 

A significant number of schools are having major problems, as are parents even when they receive them.  I wish this was something I could resolve for you all.  The LA have raised these issues with the DfE, as have Head teachers and our Unions.     


A BBC article this week 

The article from Tuesday this week stated:

“Edenred, the company appointed to manage the scheme, has struggled to meet demand, even after its website was rebuilt over the Easter weekend.”


“Schools say they still encounter lengthy waits and error messages while logging on to order the vouchers.”


“Parents are then expected to download the vouchers themselves but with thousands in the queue, this can take hours.”


DfE update this afternoon

Since then, The DfE has written to schools just this afternoon, telling schools that “If you have ordered E-codes and are waiting for them to be delivered, this can take up to 4 days.”  This is because the Edenred system cannot cope.  As a result they have now had to announce this afternoon, this lengthy delay.  I am sharing this with you as soon as I have been made aware.


Our E-codes

Our order for your E-codes was finally able to be placed at @10pm on Monday night.  The Edenred system constantly crashed during the day on Monday, unable to cope with the demand of schools ordering vouchers.  We had also been unable to order vouchers any earlier, as we were one of the very many schools which had not been sent an Edenred activation email.  


Edenred failed to respond to any of the many emails I sent asking for the outstanding email activation.  It then took more than 5 hours last Wednesday trying to get through on the phone to the DfE and then Edenred; involving being on hold to Edenred for more than 3 hours!!!


Next steps

I can reassure you your order for E-codes is placed and we have written confirmation of that.  Therefore the best I can offer is that we now patiently wait for these to be delivered into your email accounts (don’t forget to check your Trash!).


Four ‘business days’ from 10pm on Monday night will take us to tomorrow.  So I have everything crossed that between now and tomorrow night they will arrive for you all.


I will send you those of you expecting vouchers another survey tomorrow night or on Monday, to check in with you all again, to see if they have arrived.  If not, Mrs Hoggins and I will yet again attempt to contact Edenred.  It would help us a great deal if you could reply.


Best wishes and much frustration on our behalf,  Kate Byrne and Linn Hoggins.

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