Dear parent / carer

We appreciate that in these challenging times, day to day routines are inevitably going to change. We have created a suggested timetable to provide a temporary routine which is structured in a similar pattern to a normal school day. However, this example timetable is only a guide which you may choose to use to offer an idea of how our school day is normally structured. We accept that life is very different for all of us for the moment so don’t feel obliged to strictly follow the timetable. We know that without the normal routine of a school day, some of our children may find it difficult to motivate themselves as they ordinarily would. Feel free to share other activities that you get up to using your Seesaw account. We are keen to keep in touch and see what you’re up to! We will all do our very best to limit the disruption to learning as much as is realistically possible.

Please click here to see the Reception suggested timetable.

Please click here to see the Year 1-6 suggested timetable. 

Many thanks

Senior Leadership Team

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