The Staffing and Finance Committee held a virtual meeting on Friday 12th February. The committee continues to meet half termly to discuss matters associated with Staffing and Finance. Due to current restrictions the committee meets virtually and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


One of the key recurring issues for discussion is the monitoring and review of Friday afternoon childcare arrangements. It was agreed that this is working well in current restrictions.  School will continue to close to children every Friday afternoon once the current lockdown restrictions ease.  The school is currently providing the option of childcare for those who really need it once school has closed.


The committee spent time discussing some slight increases to the cost of uniform and OOSC. The cost of the OOSC remains extremely competitive compared to other local providers. The school is still keeping prices as low as possible but some increases are inevitable. Parents/carers will be informed of increases as soon as possible.


Covid-19 is continuing to present many challenges to us all. School remains open to large numbers of pupils which means teachers are not only teaching in classrooms but also preparing lessons for remote learning, giving feedback to pupils and making regular welfare calls.  The issues of testing, waiting for results and potential isolation continue. An update was given on staff wellbeing. Systems to support staff wellbeing were discussed as Governors are keen to safeguard and protect everyone in our school community.


During the meeting the committee received an up to date review of the school budget.


Take care and stay safe.

Adele Tong

Chair of Staffing and Finance Committee

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