September 2022!

Dear parents and carers,

With just a few weeks left before the end of the school year we are obviously working hard thinking about and preparing for September.  I very much hope that the school year ahead brings the first uninterupted school year in three years!  Fingers crossed for us all!   We are thinking and planning with hope and optimism! I thought it would be helpful to send you some information so that you are all ready for the new school year.  For some of you this will simply be some useful reminders. But if you have children moving up through school for the first time, some of this may be new to you.    

Start of the school day

Our R-Y6 school day will continue to begin with a staggered start, 8.50am-9.00am.  This has been beneficial for many reasons, especially for families with several children.  It has created a less stressful start to the day for children and families and has also added some additional learning time.  It has also enabled parents and carers to talk to members of the Senior Leadership Team in the yards every day.  

However, Year 6 children will have a fixed start time of 8.50am.  It has worked well for our oldest children moving on to High School, as it ensures they are in a habit of having a fixed start time, which they will at High School.


End of the school day

The school day will end at the following times, which are also exactly the same as this year.

3.15pm for Reception to Year 2 children 

3.20pm for Year 3 to Year 6 children 


Parents/carers and dogs

We want to encourage Year 5 and Year 6 parents to remain off site at drop off and pick up time from September.  This has had huge benefits for supporting our older children to become more independent and high school ready.  Can I also politely remind everyone that any dogs MUST be carried whilst in the school yard.  Unknown dogs can be frightening to our children and can also behave unpredictably.  Many thanks for your continued understanding with this. 



On PE days our children should continue coming into school in their school PE kit

Sports leggings are not acceptable as they are not part of our school PE kit. 


All children must be in full school uniform.   Please CLICK HERE for a reminder of the uniform before you start shopping for the new school term! 

  • A polite reminder please that leggings are also NOT part of our school uniform and are not acceptable school trousers. 
  • Black skirts or trousers are not part of our uniform. 
  • Neither are navy jumpers and cardigans are also not part of our uniform.

Thank you for your support for the new school year.



If you are thinking about your child getting their ears pierced, then the very start of the school holidays is a good time.  Children must remove any earrings for PE for health and safety reasons.  Covering up any newly pierced ears is not an acceptable alternative.  So the six week summer break is a good chance to get this done.  Only one pair of small studs can be worn in school, this is again for health and safety reasons.


Classes, staffing and transition for September 

Your children are finding out today who their new teachers are for September.  We will share this information with you before home time today.


All children in school will meet their new teachers on Tuesday next week, the 5th of July.  It is a whole school transition day.  Children should come to school on that day in their school uniform (no PE kits).  They should come into school via their NEW school entrance for next year!  They will then spend the whole day (except current Nursery children) experiencing life in their next year group, so that they are ready for their first day in September!

Reception / Year 1 / Year 4 and Year 6 entrances are in the Key Stage One yard.

Year 2 / Year 3 and Year 5 entrances are in the Key Stage Two yard (next to the field).


Nursery transition

Nursery children should attend their usual Nursery and/or KEEP sessions in the usual day.  Their new Reception staff will spend the day visiting them in Nursery and bringing them to visit the Reception spaces.  You will find out who their new teacher is he night before, at the meeting for parents/carers on Monday night next week.


Parents of children moving into Year 2

You will shortly recieve separate information inviting parents/carers to see your child’s new class inside the main building, as we know moving buildings can be a big, but exciting change.  If you have already had children in Year 2, do not feel you need to attend this.  It is simply an opportunity to come and have a short look.


We are looking ahead to next year with great optimism! We very much hope that COVID and its many challenges may finally be behind us.


Miss Byrne and Nigel (school puppy)

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