Good Morning,


We hope that everybody is safe, happy and doing well. We’re looking forward to seeing you all again soon, whether this be in key worker childcare, online or when we’re all back together again on the yard and in the classroom. 


During the first lockdown and during individual periods of isolation this year, you will have completed any remote learning through Tapestry. While it is a brilliant app for allowing us to share learning from school and to see what you’ve been getting up to at home, it doesn’t allow us to allocate tasks, share resources and keep a record of work that is submitted on a wider scale for children in Reception. 


Last year, Reception children accessed their learning over both Tapestry and Google Classroom as Tapestry was familiar to parents and Classroom offered features that Tapestry couldn’t. On reflection, we feel like learning would be more valuable if directed learning was based on one platform and Google Classroom gives us all the features that we need to make your time at home as easily accessible as possible. Tapestry will still be active throughout this time and we’d really encourage you to share what you’re getting up to in addition to the scheduled tasks so we can see what you’re doing at weekends and on special occasions. Your contributions to Tapestry form a vital part of our assessment of children and allow us to get to know your children and their experiences in a way that they can’t show us in school. Please continue to add experiences and milestones such as dressing independently, brushing teeth, riding a bike, reading a book etc. to Tapestry. Google Classroom will be used for our remote learning and the work that we will set daily. 


You’ll be receiving a text with the login details for your child’s gmail account. They’ll use this to log in to Google Classroom. As well as this, you’ll receive a guide on how to access and use Google Classroom. This should mean that you’re set up and ready to access the remote learning. Following that, you’ll receive an email / text link to a document that explains the tasks and expectations of remote learning in Reception. We’ll begin to use Google Classroom for all of our remote learning from Monday and we want to ensure that all families have access to this before the weekend. 


We appreciate that this is a new way of learning for a lot of you and the children but we promise that it’s a lot easier than it sounds! If you can’t access the Google Classroom and are unable to see the ‘Welcome’ message, or have any other issues accessing the classroom, please email as soon as possible and staff will be in touch via email or phone to help. 


Thank you, 


The Reception Team

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