What parents and carers say about our school

At King Edward Primary School, we value the views of our parents and carers.  You can find our what parents think about our school and give your view on the Ofsted website for Parent View.  

We also carry out a parent / carer survey every year in school. Here is what 252 of our parents / carers said this year:

  Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeNAAgree/NA overall
1My child is happy at this school.0.790.211
2My child is safe at this school.0.820.181
3My child makes good progress at this school.0.770.231
4My child is well looked after at this school.0.860.141
5My child is taught well at this school.0.840.161
 6My child receives appropriate homework for their age.0.60.360.030.010.97
7This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved. 0.670.331
8The school deals effectively with bullying.0.460.26    0.3%    27.7%0.997
9This school is well led and managed.
10The school responds well to any concerns I raise.0.680.20.0040.0060.110.99
11I receive valuable information about my child.0.650.351
12Information about my child’s progress is shared with me.0.70.31
13Do you feel the head teacher is approachable? 0.710.260.01     1%    0.0150.98
14Have you found the Pastoral Support worker helpful?0.440.090.471
15Do you like the new school website and is it helpful?0.460.450.010.0030.080.987
16If you attended the SATs, SPAG or phonics meetings, or the Science fair event, did find these useful?0.350.260.010.380.99
17Would you recommend this school to another parent/carer?0.8150.180.005 100%