Home School Agreement

Aims of the school

  • We will provide children with an education that will help them reach their full potential
  • We will endeavour to build a positive and practical partnership with parents
  • We will help children to develop relationships with others that show respect for the individual, irrespective of race, gender or faith
  • We will empower our children to become respected citizens
  • We will provide a secure and happy environment that will encourage children to become increasingly independent, self disciplined and to grown in confidence

Our agreement

By sending your child to our school, you are agreeing to support the school as detailed in our Home School Agreement.  If you would like to speak to a member of staff about the content of this agreement, please email info@kingedward.org.

Our School Values

  • We believe everyone is important
  • We believe everyone should feel happy in school
  • We believe we should listen to each other
  • We believe we should help and care for each other
  • We believe everyone should feel safe in school
  • We believe everyone has responsibilities to others
  • We believe everyone should be able to achieve their best as a result of our values
  • We believe everyone in our school community should treat everyone with respect

The school will

  • Provide an environment that gives a broad and balanced education suited to the needs of each child
  • Celebrate children's academic and personal achievements 
  • Apply firm and fair discipline (see Discipline and Behaviour Policy
  • Provide regular homework according to your child’s age and ability
  • Inform parents about their child’s progress

The family will

  • Behave calmly and respectfully to all at all times
  • Support our child’s education and school decisions
  • Encourage a positive attitude towards my child’s education and our school
  • Attend all parents evenings, meetings and appointments
  • Make sure our child attends, punctually and regularly, providing an honest explanation if absent as early as possible on the first day of absence (this includes with regard to term time holidays - further information at this link
  • Collect my child promptly at the end of every school day
  • Support the schools Behaviour Policy and any discussions and consequences given as a result
  • Endeavour to ensure that homework set by the school is completed
  • Ensure my child wears correct uniform (further details at this link) and that all clothing is named
  • Ensure my child has the proper PE kit for PE days, and earrings are removed

The child will

  • Treat everyone with care, kindness and respect
  • Listen carefully, work hard and do their best
  • Follow the advice and direction of their teacher and other adults in school
  • Follow the Safe Play At All Times (SPLAAT) rules which includes no play fighting or playing games which are rough or hurtful
  • Talk to an adult in school if they need help - that’s what we are here for
  • Take good care of school equipment and the school building
  • Behave well so that everyone can listen and learn
  • Try their best to reach their targets, learn well and ensure everyone feels safe
  • Do their homework
  • Always tell the truth and accept responsibility for their own actions
  • Be polite and respect the needs and feelings of others and only use kind words and say kind things 
  • Uphold British Values at King Edward Primary School (further details at this link)