Parent Governor Election November 2022

Dear parent / carer


Thank you to all parents who applied or expressed an interest in the Parent Governor vacancy.  We are extremely grateful for the level of support you have shown to school and are thrilled to announce we have received a number of applications!  As a result, we are now holding an election by ballot to select a candidate.  


All parents in our school with parental responsibility are entitled to one vote.  Ballot papers will come home with your child today.  You will receive either one or two ballot papers depending on how many adults are recorded to have parental responsibility on your child’s school record.  Where families live in different households, it will be your role to pass on ballot papers to the appropriate adults.  Additional ballot papers will not be issued by school.  


Completed ballot papers can be posted in the ballot box at the office at pick up and drop off times from Monday 7th November to Monday 14th November.  The deadline for voting is 4.00pm on Monday 14th November.  Please read the information on your ballot paper carefully for further information on the voting process.  


All parents who have applied for this role have completed a personal statement to assist you in selecting the best candidate.  You should consider the suitability of each candidate including their knowledge, experience and transferable skills.  Your vote should be for the individual you believe would be best placed to support the school over the next four years of their term of office.  Please click each name below to see the personal statement for each candidate:


  1. Stephanie Collins
  2. Rachael Gibson
  3. Paul McMurray
  4. Peter Mutti
  5. Lee Nicholson
  6. Amanda Parry
  7. Clare Walker


We look forward to receiving your votes and will announce the elected candidate in the coming weeks. 


Thank you

Mrs Hunter

Business Manager

Clerk to the Governing Body

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