Lunchtimes in the KEEP

Lunchtimes play a crucial role in the day to day life of the children who access the KEEP. Children have their lunch in either the KEEP or the Out of School Club (OOSC) area and they are supervised by members of EYFS and other familiar adults. 

In addition to being an essential part of the children’s learning and development opportunities, we chat informally which gives us further insight into the children’s interests and family whom are very important to them. It also creates opportunities to be independent through using a knife and fork and a chance to try a variety of different foods.  This is also preparing them for when they enter Reception.

If your child is in the KEEP in the morning, they will have their lunch in the KEEP and will then be taken through into Nursery by their Teaching Assistant in time to start the afternoon session. If your child is in morning Nursery, they will be taken into the OOSC at the end of the Nursery session to play indoors or out while their lunch is prepared before having their lunch in the OOSC.  Once lunch is finished they enter the KEEP for the afternoon session.

Paying for School Meals

Children can have a school dinner or a packed lunch from home and this choice can be changed on a daily basis.  A school dinner costs £2.30 per day (subject to change).

Children are given the main meal option only (meat or vegetarian).  Nursery children are not offered the full menu options of jacket potato, sandwiches etc. as we find this is too much choice for our youngest children.

School meals are provided by Caterlink and must be payed for using Caterlink's Online Payment system.  For further information about school meals, including how to pay, please click this link.

Using this system, you will cannot longer book lunches for specified days. Instead, please ensure credit is added to your child’s account to cover any lunches they will need to take in school. If your child is due to be in school all day as part of their weekly routine, and a packed lunch has not been provided, staff will automatically order your child a lunch for that day.

Please note: if your child is being collected early on a day they would usually stay in school it is your responsibility to notify staff. Otherwise staff will book a lunch and you will be charged.