Important Safeguarding Message from Northumbria Police

WhatsApp group encouraging self-harm in young people


CNTW NHS Trust has made us aware of a WhatsApp group called “everyone you know x” which is circulating in North Tyneside.  It is aimed at Y6 students.  There are currently 500 members, and the group encourages members to self-harm. 

Three young people (two from Gateshead and one from Northumberland) are in hospital following overdose and they have disclosed that there is a social media trend whereby young people are being encouraged to take overdoses on a points scoring system eg, if admitted to hospital, if a liver specialist has been contacted etc.


As these young people are not from the North Tyneside area, and there is potential for this to affect other year groups, we are making all schools in our force area aware.


The NSPCC website has information about helping children who may have been affected by such content Content promoting self-harm, suicide and eating disorders | NSPCC

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