Happy birthday Nigel!

Dear parent / carer


Our very own Nigel is one year old today!  


I am the first person to admit that I was sceptical about the idea of a school dog.  Having been afraid of dogs myself since I was little, I didn’t see how a dog could fit into our school community.  But I could not have been more wrong.  


I have overcome my own fear and seen children do the same.  Children who are wary of dogs are able to interact with Nigel in a safe and controlled way, never going beyond their own comfort level.  I have seen a child slowly gain confidence to the point where they can happily stroke Nigel and actively come to greet him of their own accord.  


But having a school dog is about so much more than just overcoming fears.  Children looking after Nigel learn some of the aspects of caring for another living thing.  He is a companion and friend to all, creating opportunities for exercise and for children to socialise outside of their usual friendship groups.  Nigel is a calming presence for a child who may be distressed or upset.  And above all, Nigel brings joy and happiness to children and adults alike.  I think I speak for many when I say I could not imagine our school without him!


In honour of his birthday, we are launching his very own page on our website.  If you would like to find out more about Nigel and his role in school, please click here.


Happy birthday Nigel!


Miss Parnaby

Business Manager

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