Governors Staff and Finance Committee Meeting Minutes -04.04.22

The Governor Staffing and Finance Committee met today (04.04.22) and I am delighted to report that the school remains in a financially healthy position at the end of the financial year and will therefore be able to continue to invest in additional staffing and ongoing improvements to the building and grounds throughout the year. Having said this, there are significant challenges, in particular with the significant increase in the cost of energy bills.

These energy price increases will inevitably mean that costs will also increase from our suppliers and we have already seen a very slight increase in uniform costs and we do expect further small increases later this year. The price of our uniform is very competitive and well within the guidance set out by the government. We have also reviewed our lettings charges to reflect increases in costs, but kept these to a minimum and ensured that rates are below other providers.
Governors received an update on the new catering service, Caterlink. It promises to be an excellent relationship with significantly better menus going forward following a settling in period for the new provider. Please look out for a communication this week regarding some changes to our charging and remissions policy.  The slight changes ensure that no family can end up with any large debt for school meals under the new provider Caterlink.
Miss Byrne also informed the committee of the government’s intention to maintain funding for Academic mentoring. This is fantastic news for the school as our current mentor is doing an absolutely superb job and we will now be able to extend her contract with us in September.
The committee will meet again in the summer term.
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