Extremely high COVID rates – Please follow advice

Dear parents and carers,


North Tyneside currently has a significant increase in COVID cases.  It has just been announced that there are almost double the number of COVID cases than last week.

Thank you SO much to the overwhelming majority of parents and carers whose children are isolating, who have followed PHE advice to get a PCR test.  As a direct result, some asymptomatic cases in our school have been identified.  They are now isolating to keep everyone safe.  This has then prevented further spread and risk of isolation to the rest of our children, families and staff.


Sadly, we are also aware of some children whose families are not ensuring that they are isolating when they should be.  Anyone asked by PHE to isolate, as a result of being a close contact, MUST follow the rules to keep everyone safe.


PLEASE, PLEASE can everyone do all that they can for us all.


The very last thing we want is to send any children home to isolate.  It would be especially sad to see our Y6 children have to isolate if it was avoidable, especially so close to the end of their time with us.


The PHE rules and advice are there simply and for one reason only – to prevent spread and reduce the risk of isolations for children and for their families.  We know how devastating and inconvienient it is to have to isolate.  Many of our staff have suffered repeated isolations for reasons both in and out of school.  But not following advice and guidance is risking further spread and isolations for everyone else around us all.


We are in this together.  We need to work together by following the rules, advice and guidance.


Let’s do all we can to prevent the COVID cases increasing in our school community.  Cases almost doubling in one week is something we need to work on together in North Tyneside!


Thanks again to everyone who has followed all the rules and guidance to keep us all safe and well.  We really appreciate all you are doing.  We know we are all weary, but thank you so much to everyone who is doing what needs to be done.


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