Classes for September 2024

Following on from the previous information you received regarding information for September, I can now confirm which teachers will take each class for September 2024 for Years 1-6.

Current teacher/ClassClasses and Teachers from September
Nursery - Miss Owen
KEEP - Mrs Henderson
Nursery/KEEPRDa - Mrs Davidson
Nursery/KEEPRDu - Mrs Dunn
RL1R - Miss Reynolds*
RS1D - Mr Denton
1S2D - Miss Douthwaite
1A2F - Mrs Farrell
2D3T - Miss Tong
2R3A - Mrs Armstrong
3D4O - Miss Osueke
3F4L - Mrs Leese
Mrs Stobbs will teach 4L on a Friday
4LW5D - Miss Dove
4O 5F - Miss Forbes
5T6L - Mrs Laidler
5D6IB - Mrs Imray
Mrs Bower will teach 6IB 2 afternoons a week.


*Please note that Miss Reynolds will not be teaching her new class on Wednesday 3rd July, as she is not returning to work until September for health reasons.  Your children will still spend the day in Y1 experiencing the changes, but will be with Ms Dodds, who is currently teaching in Y1.  Miss Reynolds will instead be in school meeting your children in small groups between next week and the end of the school year.

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