Christingle Tonight – Tuesday 6th December 2022

Dear Parents and Carers


We had an amazing rehearsal at Christ Church this morning!


Can all children please wear their school uniform tonight.  If children have made a Christingle could they please bring it along with them tonight.  If your child has not made a Christingle do not worry as many of the children will be holding a LED candle instead.


Could we please ask you to drop your children off at the side entrance to the church at 6.10pm.  You can then enter the main entrance – the doors will not open until 6.15pm.  It will be very busy as there are 5 schools participating tonight.  We aim to start at 6,30pm.


To keep all the children as safe as possible, one school will be dismissed from the side entrance at a time.  We aim to finish at 7.30pm.  The music leader will hold up a sign to say which children will be dismissed next.  We ask you all to remain seated in the church until it is time for the King Edward children to be dismissed.  Please be patient as there are nearly 150 children to dismiss and we need to do this safely.


Thank you so much


Mrs Brown

Please email me directly if you need anything confirmed for tonight.

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