Update on FSM vouchers

We have finally been given access to the online voucher system, which has taken more than 2 weeks and a great deal of frustration, time and effort.

We will send out information next week to those that are eligible. This will explain how the scheme is set up, how it will work and how it will be organised.

We can now finally begin to generate vouchers for children and families that are eligible. This will take us a great deal of time to set up.

We aim to get vouchers out to eligible families by the end of next week.

The delay has been caused by a failure to successfully send all schools the log in details they needed.


Are you eligible?

We have been provided with a list of the families who receive benefits and who are eligible for these vouchers.  HOWEVER, we believe the list is inaccurate and not up to date, with some families who we believe are missing from our list.

Therefore it is ESSENTIAL that if you are eligible, that you complete this survey URGENTLY.  Then we can check the names on the list we have been given by the LA, with the families who DO receive benefits.


Without this up-to-date information we cannot generate vouchers for the right families.


What do I need to do if I am not eligible?

If you do not receive benefits and you are not eligible, then you DO NOT NEED to complete this form.  But we are sending this information to all families to clarify who is eligible.  We want to ensure no-one is missed when we generate these much needed vouchers, as we believe our list is not accurate.


What do I need to do if my child IS eligible?

Please can you urgently click on the link to let us know that you believe your child is eligible.  We will then be able to check specifically with the LA about any families who are not on the current list we have been given.


We know how urgently many of our families need these vouchers.  We are doing our very best to get these to the right people as soon as possible.


Kate Byrne

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