Asking everyone for help

Dear parents and carers,


You will no doubt be aware from the news that COVID cases are signficiantly on the rise.  The latest variant is also much more transmissable and easier to spread.  It is now less than 2 weeks to Christmas. Christmas was diffiicult for everyone, with families unable to get together to celebrate in the usual way.  As a school community we would like to suggest something to prevent our families being affected by COVID and to protect Christmas celebrations for everyone from being spoilt by illness or isoaltion.


How can you help?

The current guidance is that children are allowed into school if a family member has COVID.  Yet we know from a term of experience that in most cases, children go on to catch COVID when a family member has it.


As a temporary approach, in order to try and protect Christmas for all of our families and for our hard-working staff team, we would like to suggest an alternative.


If a family member has COVID, until the end of term, we would like to suggest that your child works at home.  Doing so will prevent COVID spreading amongst our children and therefore prevent it impacting on families and staff for Christmas.


If you choose to make this choice, which we would really appreciate, then we will set remote learning for your child.


Mrs Armstrong

As a staff team, we will also do the same in order to protect your Christmas.  Mrs Armstrong’s youngest son has tested positive for COVID this weekend.  I do not believe it is possible to socially distance from a young child.  Nor do I think it is possible for Mrs Armstrong to socially distance from 4 year olds in Reception class.  Therefore, I have asked Mrs Armstrong to work at home this week, completing set tasks.  This is incase Mrs Armstrong catches COVID from her son.  This will protect 60 families and the Reception team of staff from the risk of COVID.


I hope you understand the reason for this suggestion, as we get close to Christmas.  It is a choice, but one which we would very much appreciate for us all.


Miss Byrne

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