Starting Nursery / the KEEP

Visit Day and Start Date

You will be given a date for a preliminary visit and a date for your child to start Nursery. Admissions are staggered to give each child the necessary individual support to help them settle in.  As a result, it will be many weeks before all new children have started. If they are also attending the KEEP, they will start on with full days when they begin at Nursery.

Some children come in confidently and quickly adjust to their new surroundings, others are less certain. If your child feels a little insecure at first we may ask you to come slightly earlier or later at the start or the end of the session until they feel comfortable in the new environment.  This can make it easier for staff to manage and support them while they settle.

Drop off and Collection

A member of staff will welcome the children at the beginning of each session and you need to sign your child in.  It is essential to attend every day and on time as it is very important to start these routines at the start of school life.  Your child will also find their ‘name tag’ and fix it to the wall register. This is the way, with your help, that your child registers his/ her own attendance.

At the end of each session we really appreciate your patience as it takes time to make sure every child is safely collected and signed out.  Staff are available at the end of every session to talk with you about any issue causing you concern. If you need to talk to an adult it is very important that you wait until all children have been safely collected.  It is essential that you let us know if the regular carer is not picking up your child.  We will not let a child leave with an unfamiliar adult.


There are lots of practical activities going on that can result in messy clothes but this is a sign of practical learning!  All items of clothing like jumpers, coats, hats and gloves need to be named. We ask that children do not wear any jewellery in EYFS as it can cause accidents.  

We have a uniform of red Polo Shirts and Sweatshirts which children wear with grey trousers or a skirt.  These are available to purchase from the office with our school logo. Children are expected to wear uniform.  It would also be appreciated if children could KEEP a named pair of wellington boots in the KEEP.


We believe it is important that children learn to respect the needs and feelings of others.  The staff lead by example . Acts of kindness and consideration are highly praised. All forms of aggressive behaviour are discouraged, even when provoked. We find children soon learn what behaviour is acceptable and what is not.  The provision of a safe and secure environment for your child is of prime importance to us, but please bear in mind some children take a little bit of time to settle into routines and expectations for the first time.

Child Protection

If the staff have suspicions that a pupil may be at risk whey will follow the school’s Child Protection Policy and report their concern to the appropriate authorities.


Please let us know if your child is unwell.  A telephone message can be taken in the school office and passed to staff.  If your child has sickness or diarrhoea please allow two clear days before your child’s return to school.  This helps to limit the possible spread of infection.


It should not be necessary for Nursery staff to administer medicines during their short session.  However, staff may need to store and administer medication where children have asthma or allergies.  Where children also attend The KEEP, it may be necessary for staff to administer medicine that needs to be taken four times a day.  All medicines must be prescribed by a medical professional and must be handed by parents to the main school office in their original container.  You will also need to sign a form allowing us to administer the medicine.

Please inform staff of any medical conditions which may affect your child whilst in school so we can support your child where possible.  We may then invite you into school to develop an Individual Healthcare Plan if needed.

Drinks and Snacks

Children are asked to bring a water bottle to Nursery and the KEEP with them every day.  They have free access to this drink throughout the day. We are a healthy school and we encourage you to provide water, rather than fruit juice etc.

Milk is available free of charge to Nursery children.  If your child is not able to drink milk you can provide an alternative drink for each session.

While children are provided a piece of fruit in Nursery, unfortunately in The KEEP this is not the case as funding is not provided.  Therefore, we ask for a small monetary contribution once a week so that we can ensure that the children have access to healthy snacks daily.