Parents as Partners

Parents and primary carers are the most important people in any child’s life.  Your interest, support and encouragement will of course benefit your child throughout their education.  A good relationship between parents and staff will give your child the confidence to explore the new experiences we have to offer.  We will work hard to develop and support this partnership. A flow of knowledge expertise and information between home and school will help us to do the very best for each child.  At your first visit we will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your child. This will help us get to know them.

Throughout the year there will be opportunities for parents to join in with our activities.  We will be working on developing your child’s independence and basic skills, in the same way you will be at home.  We celebrate your child’s independence at home in school so we encourage you to share any important personal milestones in your child’s development with us.

If you have a question or a concern please do not hesitate to catch staff, give us a ring or arrange to meet.  This is best done at the end of the session so staff can be free to talk.  If we have a concern about your child in any way then we will discuss this with you.  It can often be the case that a child in EYFS might need some extra support, if this would be beneficial to your child then we will talk to you.


Staff will KEEP an ongoing record of your child’s developing skills and experiences.  This is recorded using our online Learning Journey, called Tapestry. This information ensures that staff monitor progress and develop learning opportunities relevant to your child’s needs.  This assessment and learning information is used by the Nursery team and is then passed to your child’s Reception teacher to build their next steps.

Staff will make regular observations of all your children which are the main tools of assessment. This observation evidence forms each child’s individual Learning Journey, these are essential to informing you child’s transition through to Reception class.  You will have access to these online throughout EYFS and we ask you to contribute. We welcome and value parents’ ongoing information and input and contributions to Tapestry are invaluable.

Reporting to Parents

You will be able to talk informally with the Teacher during your child’s first term to discuss how they have settled in but staff are always willing to meet/ discuss at a mutually acceptable time.  In addition we offer Parent Consultations outside of school hours for working parents.

In the Summer Term you will be given a short report if your child is leaving our Nursery/KEEP to join Reception. We consider your child’s Tapestry Learning Journey to be the most informative aspect of our knowledge and assessment of your child.  Our short report will simply reflect a summary of your child’s learning. You can also ask to meet the Nursery/KEEP Teacher if you wish.


Information is communicated via text through the School Gateway App, the school website and Facebook.  Letters are very rare as we use electronic forms of communication because we are a paperless school.


If you are unhappy with any aspect of the Nursery/KEEP please discuss your concerns with the teacher in the first instance.  If you are not satisfied with the response you can arrange to meet with the Headteacher. Should you still be unhappy you can request a copy of the school’s Complaint Policy at the school office.

A Final Word

This may be the first time someone other than close family or friends have been responsible for the care and welfare of your child during a major part of the day. If you have any problems or worries we are here to listen and to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us or ask any questions and it is also really helpful to us!

We look forward to a positive partnership with your whole family that we hope will continue for many years throughout your child’s time at King Edward Primary School.

*Please note a place in our Nursery does not automatically guarantee a place within our Reception classes.  Admission procedures for Reception are operated by the Local Authority in the Autumn each year.*